Cedar Brook Day Camp

Cedar Brook Camper Divisions


Pioneers: For campers ages 3-5


The Pioneers division is set aside specifically for our youngest campers (ages 3-5). This is a special division where children are nurtured, encouraged, and safeguarded. Under constant and careful supervision, all campers in Pioneers are led by experienced, licensed adult teachers, adult assistants and collegiate aides. Here, our youngest campers make the most of our camp facilities as well as their very own, age appropriate facilities which include a separate pool for instructional and recreational swim periods, air-conditioned activity rooms, and enclosed outdoor playgrounds.  All of the Counselors in this program are chosen to work with this age group because of their exceptional patience and caring nature.


kids-animalsAdventurers: 1st & 2nd Grade Campers


Adventurers is our division for those campers entering the 1st and 2nd Grade.  This group is under constant and careful supervision of experienced and licensed adult teachers and experienced collegiate assistants, these campers are encouraged to participate in a wide range of cultural, sport and craft activities. The limited number of campers in each group allows the teachers to give much needed individualized attention to each camper.


pie-in-faceVoyagers: 3rd And 4th Grade Campers


Voyagers is our division for children entering the third and fourth grades and it encourages the unique interests of each camper. These camp groups are led by experienced licensed adult teachers or experienced collegiate counselors and experienced assistants. While all campers participate in team sports and performing arts, Voyager campers also choose “Elective” activities each week. The campers are guided and encouraged to expand their imaginations and increase their knowledge through athletics, nature, and art.



teen-rideExplorers: 5th & 6th Grade Campers


Explorers is the division that is set aside for campers entering the 5th and 6th grades.  All Explorer groups are led by experienced collegiate counselors and experienced assistants. Every activity is tailor-made to nurture the emerging maturity evident in this age group. Campers have the ability to select several “Elective” choices each week. The campers are guided and encouraged to expand their imaginations and increase their knowledge through athletics, nature and art.



teen-girlTeen Quest: 7th & 9th Grade Campers


For campers entering the 7th and 8th grades (ages 11-12), The Teen Quest, a program designed to meet the complex and diverse needs of the maturing camper. Beyond participating in weekly special events and traditional events such as Color War and others, Senior campers have more “Elective” choices than any other campers, as well as “Group” choice activities. This flexibility gives Senior campers the ability to customize their schedule to meet the interests of each individual, thus doing more of what they want to do, when they want to do it. 6th graders or higher may also choose to join our “Getaway Day Travel Program” where they leave the camp grounds 2 times each week for a fun filled outing. (Please See below)



Getaway Day Travel Program-For campers entering grades 6-9


Our Trip Program starts in 6th grade and gives campers the opportunity to leave camp twice a week to go on a full-day trip. Previous trips have included Six Flags Great Adventure, tubing on the Delaware River and Jenkinson’s Beach.  All of the campers love our trips!  These campers also enjoy the perks & benefits of Teen Quest campers in addition to on campus activities (Please see above).

Counselor in Training – For campers entering grade 10


Our Counselor in Training (CIT) program is a great option for the kids entering 10th grade who would like to be camp counselors in the future,  We work closely with our CIT’s empowering them while teaching life skills for the future. They spend most of their day working in an area of camp that interests them, they get evaluated by the teacher that oversees the program and learn what it takes to work in “the real world.” They have a chance to participate in executive discussions throughout the summer as they learn how to become a positive role model and still have fun. Our CIT program is available for a minimum 4 week enrollment up to all 8 weeks.


A  junior counselor position is not a guarantee for all CIT’s.  Exceptional CIT’s will be given first preference to interview for all junior counselor positions the following year.