Cedar Brook Day Camp

Cedar Brook Media Arts



clay-3Radio Broadcasting, the Dee Jay Clinic, Digital Arts, Video Game Design, Video production and Claymation are all part of Media Arts at Cedar Brook Day Camp.




djay-3Camper Dee Jays broadcast a couple a hours at week over the Camp Radio Station every summer at Cedar Brook!  It's a real radio station! Campers and our Radio Activity Instructors write shows, conduct interviews, broadcast camp news… and even play music! “E” (EVERYONE) rated music. of course.


Campers who are into Radio Broadcasting are usually interested in joining Cedar Brook Dee Jay Clinic which is scheduled 2 times this summer. Campers participating in the Dee Jay Clinic learn everything there is to learn about being a Dee Jay! You’ll learn about the dee jay equipment, how to set it up and operate it… everything from the lights, mixers, amps, speakers… and lots of wires! You’ll learn how to put together a music set and add digital effects. And you’ll get to perform your talents LIVE! Yep, you’ll be part of the headline a super evening dance extravaganza this summer!!!




broadcats-2Video Production is a great activity for those who want to learn how to shoot videos (i.e., be a camera operator), be videotaped (be a reporter or actor!), edit video (produce a movie!), or all of the above!


Campers receive instruction from specialists in the field using the latest digital equipment including camcorders, editing software and computers.


Campers write, shoot, edit and produce their own video shows in camp! And they are really good!!! Campers have produced music videos, comedy acts, broadcast news shows, and lots more.



Digital Arts


media-1Cedar Brook Day Camp has a state of the art computer lab with specialized instructors who teach and help create a variety of digital media.  They include:


  • • Animation
  • • Create Video Games
  • • Green Screen Fun
  • • Movie Making
  • • Desktop publishing





clay-1Claymation, or clay animation, is a type of stop-motion animation that uses frame-by-frame images to capture the motion of clay figures. In this exciting mixed media studio workshop, children will write the story, create and construct characters, design sets and photograph scenes.