Cedar Brook Day Camp

Cedar Brook Performing Arts




Cedar Brook Drama/Dance department is the place to be if you've caught the "acting/dance bug"!

A drama/dance professional instructs the program and is assisted by a talented staff of college-enrolled theater majors.




Cedar Brook Drama Program provides campers with instruction in acting techniques utilizing improvisation, monologues, pantomime, scenes, and plays. The Drama Program concentrates on developing the camper's skills in song delivery, movement, music, dancing, and acting





You'll have fun in our dance program! Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Modern, Hip Hop, Choreography, Line Dancing, and Aerobics classes are taught all day long, so you can dance to your heart's content!


And you’ll learn from the best instructors! The program is taught by a dance professional who is assisted by specialty instructors trained in the area of their expertise. Beginner through advanced instruction is available in all dance styles on a daily basis. Campers are grouped into classes with campers of the same skill level and age range. Campers practice technique, movement, improvisation and choreography in group sizes ranging from 6 to 20 campers. Opportunities for campers to perform on stage include dance performances every two weeks. Hip Hop shows are also scheduled every two weeks. In addition, dancers are often featured during our weekly Campfire Events.





Learn the latest Hip Hop moves!!! Step into the spotlight and “Bust-A-Move”… Groove on stage with your buddies… Or just perfect your favorite dance moves! You can do it all at the Hip Hop Clinics. And they’re scheduled every two weeks …with a performance at the end of each clinic! It’s FUN grooving on stage with your friends!


Each Hip Hop Clinic is staffed with hip hop dance specialists who work individually and in small groups with the campers. The Hip Hop Clinic is a week-long program which has everyone breaking, popping, locking, practicing capoeira, and even making up the latest street dance moves! It’s guaranteed to be fun… and “E” (EVERYONE) rated!