Cedar Brook Day Camp

Special Events

Every morning of every summer camp day, Cedar Brook Campers wake up to check their Special Event Calendar and see what awesome fun will be shared with their friends and counselors.


Special Events, at Cedar Brook, is a continual flow of positive energy, enthusiasm and good will that permeates throughout our camp community. Our Special events is the heart and soul of camp life at Cedar Brook – invisible to the naked eye, but impossible for the campers to miss.


Our Special Events infuse a unique, unpredictable feeling of excitement and energy to every camp day- simulating the spirit of Sleep away Camp, while being able to sleep in your own bed! The Special Events Calendar features a fantastic mix of original and traditional programming including theme days, after-camp parties, trips, inter-camp events, and all-camp competitions!


Special Events at Cedar Brook start as soon as our campers arrive on campus in the morning and end just before departing the camp each day.



Morning Assemblies

Get ready for the famous Cedar Brook Morning Assembly where anything can happen and it usually does. The entire camp community assembles in the center of camp. Whether it’s one of our crazy staff skits or joining in an all-camp sing along with DJ, camper contests, or line dancing. Nothing beats this way to start a great camp day.



Afternoon Assemblies

Our afternoon assemblies feature a celebration of a very special kind; each afternoon, we like to acknowledge the accomplishment of the day, make announcements, and conduct our much awaited daily Cedarbrook Camp Spirit Raffle.


Daily Cedar Brook Camp Spirit Raffle.

Campers can’t wait to the end of the day at a chance to win the Cedar Brook Camp Spirit Raffle at afternoon assembly. Campers are awarded raffle tickets throughout the day from counselors and instructors for participation, great behavior, and exemplifying the Cedar Brook camp spirit. Raffle winners are awarded an array of prizes.  The raffle promotes positive energy, enthusiasm, and good behavior amongst the campers.  All campers start off the day with one ticket.  Every camper has a chance at winning something!



2019 Special Events


  • Camp Carnival Day – Rides, Games, Prizes, and big time fun!!
  • Mid-Summer Black Tie Gala – Campers trade in their play clothes for elaborate gowns, party duds and carnival masks as they participate in the camp’s annual black tie gala, highlighting the end of another successful summer. After a scrumptious dinner, Campers spend the night palling around and learning the latest dance moves from their instructors.
  • Spray Park Party - Younger campers enjoy a day in the Sun in our water Spray park!
  • Senior Camper Sleepover – Senior campers (Gr. 5-8) sleep over at Camp Cedar Brook for a night of unforgettable fun and lifelong memories “Camp Favorite”.
  • Campers vs. Counselors - Campers Challenge Counselors in an Array of Fun Games.
  • Color Wars – This event is the highlight of the summer for many; Color War is a 2-day event all-camp competition in which the entire camp splits into 3 teams (Red, White and Blue) for 3 extra-exciting days of athletic, creative and performance competitions- while teaching important skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship. Color War brings out the best in campers, creating memories that last a lifetime.
  • Olympic Day – Campers/Counselors carry the torch to light the campfire to signal the beginning of the Cedar Brook Fun Olympics. Campers participate in an array of silly fun-filled events to determine what group will win the gold! Mock medals will be awarded to the campers
  • Jell-O Tug of War – Camper groups face off against one another in a conventional tug of war tournament, with the unconventional twist of falling into a vat of sticky, slimy Jell-O.
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Day – Campers participate in an array of special events
  • Petting Zoos
  • Magic Shows
  • Cedar Brook Idol - Campers & Counselors Show off their talents at camp talent show!
  • Lip Sync Team Building Show – Each Camp group performs Lip Sync routine for the Camp Crown!
  • Cedar Brook Summer Spectacular Show – Special night for the entire camp
  • Parent BBQ Nights
  • Yacht or Not – A team building challenge and race in which each group constructs a boat using a cardboard box and duct tape.
  • Costume Party Day – Every year we are sure to construct a Haunted Trail, and our costumed campers go Trick or Treating across Camp with their groups!



Theme Days

  • Team Jersey Day – Where the Jersey of your favorite sport Team
  • Twin Tuesday – dress like a friend Wacky Wednesday – dress as crazy as you want
  • Wacky Hat Wednesday – keep the wackiness down to your headwear
  • Freaky Friday – campers dress like a staff member and staff dress like a camper Super Hero Day
  • Throwback Thursday – dress from a time in the past
  • Tie Dye Tuesday – dress in a tie dye shirt, do some tie dying
  • Wacky Wednesday – dress as crazy as you want
  • Teddy Bear Tuesday – everyone brings in their teddy bears

And these are just a few of the special events - we would like the rest to be a surprise for you once camp starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On theme days the 2 groups with the most participants dressed for the day’s theme will win a surprise prize for the entire group!