Hot Days at Cedarbrook




 Hot Days at CedarbrookCedar Brook Day Camp



At Cedar Brook, we have two separate schedules that campers will be given each summer. Our first schedule, is our official day camp schedule. It is the schedule your child receives each week. These schedules include all of the wonderful outdoor activities consisting of traditional sports, pool & swimming, activities included here on our website, as well as all of the incredible air-conditioned, indoor activities found throughout our campus. When looking it over, you will notice that all sport activities occur in the earlier part of the day when the temperature is coolest, and those activities indoors in the air conditioning tend to be in the afternoon. In this way, our campers are not running around in the extreme heat of the summer when temperatures are at their hottest.  Instead they are enjoying all of the cool air conditioned rooms & Gym in the 20,000 Sq. Feet Activity Center  here at Cedarbrook,



Our second schedule is what we call our "Alternative Schedule". This schedules is created specifically for those rainy/hot days we have all come to know and love.  The hot days at Cedar Brook take place in our air conditioned indoor buildings on our campus, splash park, and pool!  At Cedar Brook schedules are carefully prepared and well thought out, keeping in mind that weather conditions can ruin a  summer schedule.