Rainy Days at Cedar Brook



Rainy Days at Cedar Brook



rainy-day-cartoonWhat are we going to do when it rains?


What happens when weather gets rough in the summer.  At Cedarbrook we have considered all of these issues and many more, because after all, this is summer camp and the weather throughout the summer can be unpredictable, to say the least.

On rainy days, all outdoor activities are replaced with indoor air-conditioned activities in our state of the art class rooms, gymnasium, music hall, cooking station, and game rooms.  Even our rainy days are sunny.



Our second schedule is what we call our "Alternative" Schedule". This schedules is created specifically for those rainy days we have all come to know and love throughout the summer  in our air conditioned indoor buildings!  At Cedarbrook schedules are carefully prepared and well thought out, keeping in mind that weather conditions can ruin summer schedule. Rather than put our young campers on buses and ship them out, we keep them right here, safe and sound enjoying an incredible day of indoor, air-conditioned activities all day at Cedar Brook!