Cedar Brook Day Camp

The Cedar Brook Philosophy


The missilifelongon of Cedar Brook Day Camp, is to empower youth to succeed and excel in life by developing life skills, character, and leadership through enriching and fun-filled summer camp experiences.

Every family wants their camper to have an incredible time at camp. Building relationships with campers and staff members, enjoying activities they only get to try at camp, and being a part of the camp spirit that will certainly allow for fun.

We want more for your child, though, than just having a good time. We want to make a difference in their lives. And that is where our values of Gratitude, Attitude and Courage come in.
Gratitude: ‘A gracious heart is a happy heart.’ We have heard this from a number of philosophers and teachers through the years and know it to be true. Therefore, we spend a few moments each afternoon thinking about our day and expressing at least two moments that made us happy. That expression of gratitude encourages us to be more thoughtful about ourselves and others and requires us to take a moment to be thankful each day.

fishing-2Attitude: The only aspect of our lives over which we have complete control is how we react. Attitude, therefore, is a chosen outlook on life and we remind our campers of this fact often. Choosing the type of attitude you want to present to the world, and yourself, is one of the most important realizations our young people can come to at camp. We develop this habit through the modeling of our counselors, gentle reminders throughout the day, and creating a community of fun for all.

child-swimmingCourage: We don’t talk about the courage needed to do something heroic. Rather, we focus on the courage it takes to complete the small, every day actions required to be a good person. Standing up for yourself or another, trying something new, being polite when it’s hard to do so – these are the small courageous actions of good people.

Coupled with the our “Freedom of Choice Program” in an incredibly fun camp community, our campers leave Cedar Brook with a deeper appreciation of Gratitude, Attitude, and Courage. It is our hope that this will not only aid them in their paths to being people of Good Character, and themselves but the society in which they live.