Cedarbrook Camper Divisions


At Cedarbrook, we offer a personalized program for each camper.  Our success is in our developed "age appropriate" programs and trips that ensures each child has a healthy, safe and fun summer camp experience!

We have 5 Camper Programs:

Pioneers Division: For campers ages 3-5


The Pioneers division is for our youngest campers. Pioneers are in constant care and  supervision of our experienced adult and collegiate counselors. As a result, they are carefully watched and nurtured in a fun and safe environment.  This program offers a perfect blend of growth and adventure.  There are loads of fun activities and they keep the biggest smiles on the littlest faces! (Pioneers Video)



Adventurers: 1st & 2nd Grade Campers


Adventurers are campers entering the 1st and 2nd Grade.  This division operates under constant and careful supervision of experienced adult and collegiate counselors.  Adventurers are encouraged to participate in a wide range of cultural, sport and craft activities. The limited number of campers in each group allows the counselors to give the right amount of attention to each camper Adventurers participate in Cedarbrook's "Freedom of Choice" elective program.  Campers have the opportunity to participate in 3 activities per week that they like and get to choose themselves!

(Adventurers Video)


Voyagers: 3rd And 4th Grade Campers



Voyagers is our division for campers entering the 3rd and 4th grade. This group is also supervised by our experienced adult and collegiate counselors.  Voyagers are encouraged to explore activities that will challenge their abilities and broaden their skills in sport and craft activities. Voyagers participate in Cedarbrook's "Freedom of Choice" elective program giving them the opportunity to participate in 3 activities per week  that they get to choose for themselves! (Voyagers Video)

Explorers: 5th & 6th Grade Campers


Explorers are campers entering the 5th and 6th grades.  They get to tailor their Cedarbrook experience even more!  While our younger campers need more guidance, the Explorers division is ready to create their own summer schedule! They can choose fun activities with friends while achieving personal goals in areas that interest them the most.   Explorers participate in Cedarbrook's "Freedom of Choice" elective program allowing campers to participate in 4 activities of their choice per week!  (Explorers Video)




Teen Quest Division: 7th - 9th Grade Campers


For campers entering the 7th thru 9th grades, we offer Teen Quest!, a division designed to meet the complex and diverse needs of the maturing camper. In addition to weekly special events, senior campers have "Group Choice" activities and can choose more "Elective" than any other campers!  This flexibility gives Teen Quest campers the ability to customize their schedule to meet the interests of each individual.  In short, they can do more of what they want to do, when they want to do it!  (Teen Quest Video)


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