Cedar Brook Day Camp

Cedarbrook Parents



We at Cedar Brook understand how hard it can be to let go of your children when sending them off into to camp. There are an array of thoughts that go through your head as you wonder what he or she is doing each Monday through Friday in the summer?  We want to put your mind at ease with one simple word: COMMUNICATION.


girls-3-poolThe most obvious aspects of the fabulous experience at our camp are the activities/special events itself and the people who run it.  Another important element of attending a camp like ours is clear communication with our campers’ parents and/or guardians.


WHAT TO EXPECT BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF CAMPYour child’s Head Counselor will call you before camp begins to introduce himself or herself to you and address any initial concerns you may have regarding your child’s camp experiences. (Please note it is not an e-mail, and most certainly NOT a text message—an actual phone call.) Within the first week of your child starting camp, the Head Counselor will call again to let you know how things are going (so far). They will also ask for any insightful breadcrumbs your child willingly shares with you about camp.


boys-playingOne aspect of the camp experience we keep a watchful eye on is “the new kid in camp.” We ensure success for our newbies by treating every Monday like the first day of camp and every Friday like the last day of camp. The Head Counselor meets with his team members weekly to remind them to provide extra TLC to the new kids and say goodbye to those campers who are leaving at week’s end. Additionally, we run an extended morning-assembly period each Monday so new campers can meet with their groups. This ensures they blast through their first-day jitters and return to you later that day, happy.


teaching-boy-to-swimCALLS ARE WELCOME!  All summer long, you are welcome to call or e-mail our Head counselor. We guarantee you will receive a response. Because we believe in ongoing communication with parents, sometimes we will reach out to you by phone. This shouldn’t alarm you—not all phone calls convey news about bee stings or sports injuries. Sometimes we just want you to know that your child was victorious in a competition, or that we caught him/her doing something incredibly kind to another camper or one of our team members!


CAMP SAFETY: And now, a few words about camp safety.  We unequivocally believe in, implement, and follow safety procedures during camp hours.  Cedar Brook Day Camp has an emergency plan in place for that worst-case scenario (or act of God) brewing in your imagination. Further, the camp director meets annually with professionals from the Somerset County Office of Emergency Management. Our Camp Director would be happy to speak with you regarding any questions you have about Cedar Brook’s safety plans.