Freedom of Choice Program



Our "Freedom of Choice Elective Program" allows campers to spend the Summer Participating in Activities they Enjoy!


Cedarbrook's "Freedom of Choice" elective program gives campers the opportunity to choose their favorite activities every week!


Our innovative program consists of over 60+ diverse and exciting activities. There is a wide variety of options to choose from so we cater to each campers specific interest.


Through our Freedom of Choice elective program, campers are able to discover new interests, learn new skills, improve their talents, and have fun doing it!


Our Freedom of Choice elective program is designed for Adventures (grades 1-2), Voyagers (grades 3-4), Explorers (grades 5-6) and Teen Quest (grades 7-9) campers. Campers participate in traditional group camp schedules in the morning; but in the afternoon,  campers enjoy activities they've chosen from the Freedom of Choice elective program!

Here’s How it Works!


Campers will receive a listing of all the exciting activities Cedarbrook offers. Families login to our online system to create a “Top 10” list of their preferred choices; however, you can update your preference list weekly (if you choose).  This will allow your camper to have a whole new schedule to enjoy each week!


At the beginning of the week, we create customized schedules for each camper so that it's based on their "Top 10" Elective Preferences.  Because campers enjoy their elective choices, it will become a part of their daily schedule for the full week!


Adventures and Voyagers enjoy 3 periods of electives, but Explorers and Teen Quest can enjoy 4 elective!



Enrolled campers:

Here's how you can update your elective "TOP 10" pick:


  1. Login to CampMinder
  2. Choose “Forms and Documents"
  3. Click “Activity Preferences”
  4. Choose your favorite 10 Electives each week
  5. Order the courses you selected by preference
    (#1 choice at the top)
  6. Click SUBMIT at the bottom
  7. Come in on Monday morning to get your schedule and enjoy your activities for the week!