Piscataway Campus

Cedarbrook Day Camp - Piscataway Campus

Summer Camp the Way it Should Be!



Many local camps disguise themselves as “Summer Camp”, when in fact they are nothing more than a “Summer Program”. Offering a variety of programs devoid of traditional summer camp activities such as hiking, fishing, canoeing, and a wide range of special events.


If you yourself never attended summer camp, it’s easy to assume the camp experience is an enjoyable form of summer child care, and you would be right—if camp isn’t fun, what’s the point in going? But at Cedarbrook, our purpose extends far beyond simply having FUN.


Cedarbrook has the Look and feel of an Expensive Sleep Away Camp!


Cedarbrook Day Camp simulates the spirit of a expensive sleepover camp.  The big difference being, your child returns home to you every day to sleep in their own bed!  Our camp is for campers (age 3 - 15) with all levels of camping experience and interests. Not only do we offer traditional camping activities (60+), campers can participate in a variety of activities such as; gymnastics, basketball, martial arts, arts & craft, game room, media production, dance, and culinary instruction (just to name a few)!

Awesome Special Events - "Daily"


Our daily Special Events infuse a unique, unpredictable feeling of excitement and energy to every camp.  Every morning at camp, campers check their Special Event Calendar and see what exciting fun awaits them at Cedarbrook!





Cedarbrook is a Special Place


We have created a very special place for our campers; a safe place where caring hearts and great character is built on the wings of exhilarating fun, adventures, and extraordinary friendships.  From the first day your child enters Cedarbrook Day, you’ll immediately feel at ease from the warmth of our staff and counselors.  You and your child will feel at home rapidly, and quickly understand why our campers return year after year.



A Camp is only as Good as its Counselors


We take pride in our mature, talented staff of dedicated teachers and enthusiastic college students, many of whom were once Cedarbrook campers themselves.  It’s easy to get excited about our great programming; but the greatest summertime adventures happen when our staff interacts with your child and fosters genuine relationships!


Located  - Piscataway Township

Cedarbrook Day Camp Piscataway sits on several outdoor acres at the Lake Nelson School in Piscataway Township.  The amenities at camp consist of woodlands, brooks, pools, several independent activity areas, sport fields, video game room, splash park, and a 10,000 square foot fully air-activity center with gymnasium!