Rainy/Hot Days




What do we do on Extremely Hot/Rainy Days?

Hot and rainy weather can put a "damper" on our campers day.  At both Cedarbrook Day Camp locations, many of the camp activities are enjoyed outside where our campers can run, explore and enjoy nature at it's best! Bad weather can disrupt the mood of the camp day!  But what happens on those hot and rainy days?  We have carefully considered this issue. A plan has been devised so that our camper's day is not interrupted by the heat and rain.


With proper planning, we have found that the solution is really very simple!  After all, this is summer camp and the weather throughout the summer can be a little unpredictable.   We have created two calendars for our campers.  The first is the official "Weekly Day Camp Schedule".   The second is the"Alternate Day Camp Schedule" which is designed just for those extremely hot or rainy days.

The "Official Day Camp Schedule" is the weekly schedule that includes all of the wonderful indoor and outdoor activities offered at Cedarbrook.  It also includes your campers electives for the week.  The calendar is structured to allow all of our sports activities to occur in the earlier part of the day so that the campers can take full advantage of the outdoors while the temperature is coolest.


As the day grows hotter, campers are escorted indoor to enjoy air conditioned activities in the afternoon.



Sweltering Hot and Rainy Days

Our second schedule is the "Alternate Camp Schedule".  This schedule is created specifically for rainy days or extremely hot days.  All outdoor activities are replaced with indoor air-conditioned activities in our state of the art class rooms, gymnasium, music hall, cooking station, and game rooms.  Even our rainy days are sunny!


When temperatures are hotter, some outdoors activities such as the splash park, water slides and pool will be available (pending weather conditions for safety purposes).