Work at Cedarbrook



We are always looking for motivated, positive people to join our amazing staff.


Cedarbrook’s goal is to attract and secure the best and brightest camp professionals during the off-season. We don’t hire teachers and college students who just want a summer job; we want a team that’s passionate about working with young people.


Our Counselors and Specialists are youth-development professionals that foster an atmosphere of trust and respect, promote learning and trying new experiences, but most of all, having FUN!



Take the quiz below to determine if you’re ready to work at Cedarbrook. If you can answer “yes” to 10 or more of the following questions, then you should be working with us this summer!


  • ☐ Am I a responsible and flexible person?
  • Do I take my job seriously and am I hard working?
  • ☐ Would I like having weekends and evenings off?
  • Could I be a good role model to children?
  • ☐ Do I love being outdoors? After all, "a little sweat" never hurt anyone!
  • Am I open to being trained on how to better myself and my abilities to work with children?
  • ☐ Do I think creating friendships and being part of a team is exciting?
  • Will I enjoy a good challenge and do I work well with others?
  • ☐ Am I a positive person and I like to help others to be positive as well?
  • Can I be silly and have fun just like the campers (when the time is right)?
  • ☐ Do I have a great work ethic and do I like to solve problems instead of creating problems?
  • Do I have the right level of enthusiasm to keep children engaged, motivated and busy?


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Our screening process involves challenging job-interview questions, contacting all references provided, and a thorough background check. 


Teachers, Counselors & Instructors


Groups and activities are led by Licensed teachers, experienced adult professionals and collegiate counselors, most of which are elementary and secondary education majors.





Our lifeguards are American Red Cross, First Aid and CPR certified and many are also WSI certified. They are excellent swim instructors, with every intention of providing our campers with an outstanding environment for learning, improving, and enhancing their swimming strengths as well as weaknesses, while gaining confidence and comfort in the water.



Cedarbrook Day Camp (Office)

220 Davidson Ave, Suite 123. Somerset, NJ 08873

Phone: (732) 595-5458