Cedar Brook Day Camp

Staff, Care, & Supervision


 Our Staff is the Camp!


Our staff love Cedarbrook and are the single most important ingredient of our success. We are proud that so many of our staff return year after year ! It is with great pride that these staff carry on and continue to build on to our wonderful camp tradition here at Cedarbrook.


Cedarbrook Staff Are:




Cedar Brook Summer is managed and run by a full-time team of dedicated professionals with over 30 plus years of summer camp experience.  We understand that the success of our summer camps depend, in part, on having the best summer camp staff . During our extremely thorough hiring process, we seek exceptional teachers, counselors, role models and coaches with years of experience working in education and/or coaching. Our staff are certified teachers, college and graduate students studying or working in early childhood, elementary, secondary, or physical education.





Great Training! 


Did you know most summer camps don't train there staff?   Each Cedarbrook staff member goes through an intensive pre-camp orientation. Our staff also participates in ongoing staff development and training throughout the summer.  In selecting our staff, we understand that each camper’s success is closely linked to their interaction with our staff.





Cedar Brook’s quest is to secure the best and brightest camp professionals during the off-season.


Just having a pulse and a winsome smile isn’t enough to qualify as a Cedar Brook team member. Our screening process involves challenging job-interview questions, contacting all provided references, and thorough background checks. This exhaustive process results in us hiring team members who do much more than help kids play kickball or draw pictures. Our Counselors and Specialists are youth-development professionals that foster an atmosphere of trust and respect, promote learning, and trying new experiences.   We don’t hire teachers, and college students who just want a summer job; we want a team that’s passionate about working with young people.





 Our Seasonal staff has a High Return Rate


Our seasonal staff has a high return rate year after year as we continue to provide them with an opportunity to work in a fun, safe and positive camp environment with plenty of growth. We aim to “over-staff” our camp to provide a unique environment where campers benefit from individual and small group learning and instruction.






At Cedarbrook we aim to maintain a counselor-to-camper ratio of approximately 8:1 to 10:1 depending on age of campers. This low counselor-to-camper ratio helps us maintain a safe and supportive environment.